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Jan. 11th, 2013

Here and back again...

Hi, everyone. :)

I've been off having adventures in college!  So that's the good news, that I am alive and more than well, and I hope all of you are, too.  But the bad news... remember when my computer died in February and the whole hard drive fiasco happened?  Well, thankfully, that did not happen again.  But something did go wrong with my desktop again just a few weeks before I left for school (literally the day I was going to put everything on my new external) and now it's officially dead.  The tower is at my brother's in case he decides to poke around with it; the rest of it has been packed up and put into the crawlspace.  Sad day. :(

My Sims are all safe and sound, as the bro managed to ghetto-wire the desktop's hard drive and get all the files onto my laptop, where they are now regularly backed up to the external, so this will hopefully never happen again.  Here is photographic evidence courtesy of my grandma's basement, lol:

2012-08-19 15.57.26

So, anyway, I'm just finishing up my Christmas break here at home; I go back to DC tomorrow.  This morning, I logged onto the TS2 site and saw that lovely message about shutting down on the 14th.  While I'm sad to see it go, it's not quite as much of a bummer as I thought it would be.  I can't load the BBS but I'm assuming it's pretty empty. :(

But, on the assumption that my Simming days from now on will be few and far between, I'd like to give you all one last (?) update on Pleasantview.  All in all, I'm proud of how it turned out, although it may never be "finished".  I miss my Sims, but I'm so incredibly thankful for the six years I had with them and with you wonderful people.  Without further ado...

Don Lothario and Nina Caliente are still hanging around; he's Chief of Staff and I think he just bought a car, and she's still a stay-at-home mom.  Her predestined hobby, cooking, led her to win a couple of cooking contests and she's pretty pumped about that.  Tina moved out and went onto Sim State (see below), while Serena is a high-achieving teenager set on becoming a businesswoman, and Jack is a kid, and a very adorable one at that.

After moving into their new apartment, Marisa Bendett and Drake Straight have been busy balancing work and family life with their new son, Justin.  Marisa's working her way up the Athletic career track and Drake's Business Tycoon helicopter continues to disturb the neighbors on a regular basis.  Jenna moved out but still visits regularly.

Kaylynn Langerak and Remington Harris remain one of my cutest couples, hands down, and I love visiting their family and resisting the urge to make them have more kids.  They're up to four now: Charlie, Luke, Marisol, and Kyle.  (Yeah, I was trying for two boys and two girls, but alas.)  Remington's the Police Chief and Kaylynn's a homemaker, using her mad maid skills to keep their house spotless.  Charlie and Luke are kids, Marisol is a toddler, and Kyle is a baby, making for a household that basically never sits still.

Darren Dreamer and Cassandra Goth both became Mad Scientists, which is a little annoying because they work nights, but they somehow make it work.  Their three daughters (all victims of the firstborn glitch... aaaaargh) are doing well: Isabel is almost a teenager, Danielle is a child, and Delia is a toddler.  They've still got their trusty Doberman, Darby, and they recently adopted a new puppy, Dolly.

Across town, John and Jennifer Burb have been officially retired from the neighborhood rotation, since they're empty nesting with Otis the dog after all the kids left for college.  He's Captain Hero and she's a Business Tycoon so, thankfully, they can afford three simultaneous Sim State bills...

Mortimer Goth and Dina Caliente are still together, of course, and Dina no longer needs to be a gold-digger as she's a Business Tycoon of her own accord, and so the family is rolling in Simoleons as usual.  (I redid their house recently and I was looking forward to showing it off, lol.)  Mortimer's recently gotten into a fitness regiment, and their daughter, Sabrina, is a teenager and she's crazy gorgeous, although she's not doing all that well in school... and the dogs, Missa and Lila, are fine, of course.

Benjamin Long and Brandi Broke never get a moment's rest, but they seem to like it that way.  Between their duties as Chief of Staff and Captain Hero, respectively, they're busy raising Haley, now a child, and toddler twins Anna and Emma, as well as kitten Bonkers.

Another house that received a spiffy makeover was that of Daniel and Mary-Sue Pleasant.  They're up to their usual routine, and I suppose they're officially a power couple, the Hall of Famer and the Mayor!  Rebecca is a violin virtuoso of a teenager, and I swear Scott just had a birthday and turned child, but my spreadsheet still lists him as a toddler... whoops.

Condo buddies Brandon Lillard and Goopy Gilscarbo have come back, as I was planning a sequel to their story after all.  But it was not to be, apparently.  They're sleeping their way through the town (I think Goopy is still with Melissa Fancey, mainly)... and through Sim State.  Brandon had a drunken fling with Tina Caliente, the daughter of his good friend, Don Lothario, which I was all excited to turn into an angsty storyline!

Leo Wilkie and Diane Cambridge are also in retirement from the playing order, but they're still having a grand time in the now-empty Orphanage.  She's the Minister of Education and he's working his way up in Journalism.

Dustin Broke and Angela Pleasant recently returned from their honeymoon, and are expecting their first child!  Angela's on maternity leave from her job in the Vice Squad, while Dustin brings home the bacon as a medical Specialist.  After their baby arrived, they were going to move into a bigger house near the Pleasants.

The girls of Hazelnut Hill are doing well: sophomore Lucy Burb is still with Beau, and she's studying poli sci with aspirations of taking her aunt Mary Sue's job as Mayor someday.  The new freshmen are settling in, too.  Jenna Bendett (Drama) is still with Skip Broke, Marsha Bruenig (Drama) keeps herself busy with a campus job at the coffeeshop, Brittany Parker (History) is dating some ginger guy whose name I cannot remember, but they're cute together, and Tina Caliente (Econ) is getting herself into some hot water with Brandon Lillard...

Down the street, the boys of Pinenut Plaza are up to approximately the same antics.  Sophomores Beau Broke (Philosophy) and Alexander Goth  (Physics) have their respective girlfriends, Lucy Burb and Christa... something.  The five freshmen are: Orlando Bertino, the womanizer, Skip Broke, the cute boyfriend of Jenna, Jeff and Bradley Burb (Math), the night-and-day-different twins, and Chandler Platz (Bio).  There may be some girlfriends in there... I can't remember!

Back in Downtown, Dirk Dreamer and Lilith Pleasant are enjoying their engagement in their new townhouse.  I can't remember if she's pregnant, but I'm thinking no.  He's a Legal Biller and she's in Vice Squad with Ange, and they're both working toward their career LTWs so it'll be platinum all around before long.

New dorm!  Service Street houses five of Pleasantview's teen service NPCs because I wanted to flesh out their storylines a little, and I like playing Uni more than the average Simmer.  Amy Jones (Poli Sci), Derek Vijayakar (Physics), and Alon Livingston (Physics), the paper teens, and George McCarthy  (Psychology) and Nicole Thompson (Drama), the cashiers, all live in a huge dorm and they're having fun so far—this is another part where my memory as to who they're dating, if anyone, is fuzzy...

Two almost-forgotten Sims that were going to be reintroduced were Orlando Centowski and Meadow Thayer—they did some time in Sim State before moving into an on-campus house together and ultimately saving up and dropping out.  They moved back to that little two-story purple house in Pleasantview and are now saving up for a backyard wedding, hopefully followed by a honeymoon... someday.  They probably would have had a baby (or five) before long!

More new families... I decided to go all out and throw all the EP families into apartments, and I finally got OFB and added those families, too, which essentially doubled my playing rotation.

Herbert and Faith Goodie are living out their days with their cat, Roux, and I think they're currently on vacation in the mountains.  Aging is on for them, because I was planning just a one-installment story for them.

Gilbert Jacquet and his mother Denise are hanging out in Bluewater Village.  He's sleeping with all the lovely ladies he's hired to work at the bakery, and I don't even remember what she's up to... probaby disapproving of his antics.

Julian Cooke adopted a kitten, Alegra, who keeps him company while he messes around in his kitchen between shifts at a fast-food place.  He's interested in Amanda, one of his neighbors, but I don't think much happened with them yet.

Matthew and Jessica Picaso are both in the Elite Forces, although she's currently at home on maternity leave during the day because she's expecting their first baby.  As far as I remember, she's one of the crazy preggos who is always seconds away from starving or peeing herself, so they're fun to play...

The Tinkers, Stephen, Wanda, and Melody are kind of a boring family, but they're in the rotation nonetheless.  The toy business is still confined to the backyard shop, but I think I was planning to have them buy that toy store in BWV.  I think Wanda is pregnant, too, after getting a makeover.  Melody is still in angsty-teen mode.

Trent and Trisha Traveller are both still fruitlessly searching for jobs, since "going on a lot of vacations" is not a viable career option.  She's definitely pregnant!  Tina got into private school, and I think the family has a parrot that flies around their flawlessly-decorated apartment whenever it pleases.

Sanjay and Priya Ramswami are also expecting, and they're otherwise working toward their career LTWs.  I think I was planning to have them move out before long, as their apartment is one-bedroom and they're going to need more room soon...

Florence Delarosa was someone I actually really enjoyed playing—her business was taking off and she was enjoying a blossoming (bah dum tsh) relationship with one of the male gardeners.  Leo Deppiesse, I think?  She never had time to eat or sleep, but whatever.

Cyd Roseland was in the middle of another storyline I was excited about—he was getting involved with townie Ivy Copur (the adult one... I'm not sure what happened to the teen Ivy; she may have been uni-townified at some point) and had yet to find out that she was a burglar.  Eventually, the plan was for him to get with Tara Kat.  Porthos is up to whatever Sim dogs do.

Robert and Cynthia Kim are also expecting (there's going to be a baby boom if I ever play again...) and unemployed, so that's a challenge.  Justin recently got into private school.  Gabby and Cheech are up to... whatever.  Dog and cat stuff.

Checo and Lisa Ramirez were just about to be broken up by a sordid affair on Checo's part, with one of his employees, and there would be some delicious drama and probably a reunion.  Tessa is becoming good friends with Jack Lothario, which probably would have ended up as a relationship when they turned teen.  My spreadsheet also says that Lisa's pregnant, which I don't remember, but it doubles the drama, so...

Tara Kat is still the crazy kat lady, although I gave her a makeover, so she's cute now.  I think I was planning to have her be heartbroken courtesy of Brandon Lillard, then ultimately get together with Cyd Roseland, and maybe adopt some kids instead of cats  Mickey, Samantha, and Faline are unremarkable, as far as premade Sim cats go.

I wanted to play some more townies, so I threw guys and girls into their own apartments to see what would happen...

Sandy Bruty, Marylena Hamilton, and Brandi LeTourneau live together, working and partying and whatnot.  Joe Carr, Kennedy Cox, and Komei Tellerman do the same, and I don't remember what's going on with any of them...

Malcolm Landgraab IV is doing his thing.  The club, whatsitcalled, got a makeover that I was also super-proud of, and I was going to tackle his house next but I never got around to it.

Jason and Jodie Larson live in a house in Downtown, aspiring to own a salon one day.  I think Jason was going to become my first gay Pleasantview Sim, but I hadn't found anyone for him yet...

Nathan and Mary Gavigan are (surprise) pregnant, and Isaiah is a cute kid, making friends with the Goodies.  Don't remember much about them.

The Newsons are... a challenge, but I like them, much to my surprise.  They live in the Brokes' old house.  Teens Gavin and Ginger were grappling with the decision of whether or not to go to college, as they also worked and went to school and took care of the others with the help of a nanny.  Kids Gabriella and Gallagher are both doing well in school and they're making friends.  Toddlers Georgia and Garrett are doing their toddler thing.

Chester Gieke opened up a robot shop in his house and he's doing well so far.  I wanted to find him a girlfriend, but no luck so far.  We'll see...

So that's what's up in Pleasantview.  At this point, I have no idea what will continue or when, but I'm happy I got this far. :)  I hope you all are doing well!

Jul. 1st, 2012

What number hiatus has this one been...?

Hi, everyone! I am not officially "back" in the sense that there will be stories released all over the place right away, but I am, more or less, back to Simming.

So, where have I been for a year?

Well, I did officially quit the TS2 site with a really long and complicated and heartfelt blog post... and then, after writing it, I realized that EA had made it impossible for anyone to post to blogs anymore.  I was kind of drained after that post so I just kind of... left.  I know a lot of other Simmers were doing the same (after ten million or so BBS outages) and I'm sorry if I worried anyone. :(

What else?  Well, that goodbye post actually explained most of it, and I think I have a copy of it somewhere so I might post it later.  But basically — I have not been playing Maxis games since the 80s like simvasion.  I have not really even been playing Maxis games since the 90s (maybe a little SimCity in the later half?)  I've been playing Maxis games since TS2 in 2006, when I was thirteen.  That's right — I'm eighteen now (nineteen next month) and I've been pretty much a baby the whole time you all have known me!  Crazy, right?

So, since I last uploaded a story, I have been busy with, in no particular order: junior year, the ACT, SAT subject tests, other standardized testing, far too many AP classes, junior prom, homework, senior year, college searching, college applications, college acceptance, college visits, more standardized testing, more AP tests, more homework, senior prom, new boyfriend, end-of-senior-year-stuff, graduation, debating at the national tournament, college orientation, vacations, grad parties for friends, moving to a new (still Chicago-ish) house, preparing to move to DC for college in the fall, and working all summer both years.  Which, as you may have guessed, has left me approximately zero time for Simming. :(

PLUS, when I moved (in February) my hard drive died.  Like, complete mechanical failure of the thing that contained ten years' worth of my stuff, including my beloved Sims.  You know the feeling when your game crashes and you haven't saved in awhile and it's like, "ughhhh, I have no desire to replay aaaaany of this!"?  Imagine that times a million when you confront the reality that your Sims and their stories, along with more than ten thousand (real-life) pictures and those ten years' of documents, are gone.

But, there's good news!  My dear brother (I've mentioned him before — he built me my gaming computer out of spare parts; he's that kind of computer person) did the freezer trick on the hard drive and got everything back.  Forget tears of despair; I pretty much wept in joy.  But I still haven't had much free time/inclination to reinstall until right now.  (And I had a moment last night, around midnight, where everything was reinstalled and I loaded in my saved games before realizing that I still needed the Store Edition... yeah, seeing zero neighborhoods on the neighborhood chooser was fun.)

At this point, I'm not sure what the immediate future holds for my Pleasantview and its stories.  I do know, beyond a doubt, that I want to do something.  The fact that it's been six years (and, hey, 13-18 are some incredibly formative, life-changing years for anyone) and I can't manage to shake this game or these Sims?  That means something.

I might upload the stories here to LJ — I have placeholder posts for some of the stories already, so the gruntwork really involves image hosting and copying everything.  Facebook is the likelier option, at least for the time being, since Facebook albums are much more in-tune with the format of the Exchange stories.  We'll see.

So.  I am not dead, just very very busy!  I hope you all are still around.  Say hi if you are!  I do miss you all, and my Sims, something terrible. :)  It's good to be back!

Jul. 31st, 2011

EA makes me sad.

Well, so much for starting to transfer stories...

I have been making placeholder posts (you guys can't see them yet, but they only say "This post is reserved for The _____ Family" so you're not missing anything, don't worry!) and I have been playing and writing in-game, but I can only do so much without the actual site!  These days, I check the BBS like once a day, swear a little bit at EA's ~apology for the inconvenience~, and move on.  Kind of annoying.

If anyone is actually reading this... where have the BBS members gone?  I know there have always been a ton of "backup BBS" sites springing up all over the place, but now it looks like we might actually need one... sigh.

Hope you guys are all doing well!  And let's hope EA gets themselves together sooner rather than later...

Jul. 2nd, 2011


Hi, everyone!  After yet another hiatus, I am slowly making my way back into Simming and I'm wondering why I ever left!  In light of the Exchange being down, I'm moving onto new and better things with my stories.  Don't worry — Pleasantview is still doing just fine! 

I'll be spending the next few weeks/months copying all of my stories from the TS2 site onto this LJ, and possibly onto Facebook as well.  There will be some minor edits/corrections and maybe a bit of rewriting on the older ones, but they'll essentially be the same stories that you (I hope!) still like to read.

So... be patient with me, and I'll try to move everything over ASAP!  In the meantime, check out the links to your right periodically for more updates as they come along.

It's great to be back!